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5 Key Considerations

1. Style to match your Lifestyle and Decor
Coolers are available in a wide range to suit your decor and needs; Stainless, white or various colours. Space limitations may require you to choose a countertop rather than floor model. Top-load dispensers are easy to see when the water is out. A bottom load eliminates the need to lift the bottle and reduces spills.

2. Design Features
Coolers work using compressor or thermo-electric cooling. Compressors are noisier than thermo-electric but tend to cool faster and more efficiently. Some coolers may not have room to fill a sport bottle or are unable to adjust the temperature. Consider other features such as ‘no-spill’ systems, leak protection and childproof faucets as well.

3. Serviceability
How easy is it to remove, clean and sanitize the parts that come in contact with water? Are they dishwasher safe? Are parts such as faucets easy to replace? Will your cooler need to be shipped out or are you offered in house service?

4. Warranties
Cooler compressor quality can influence the warranty dramatically – from 1 to 5 years.

5. Price
Determine your budget. Depending on their style and features price ranges can vary widely.

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