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5 Key Considerations

1. Adjusted for Maximum Efficiency Out-of-the-box ROs are factory set but not for Canadian water temperatures. All ROs should be checked and adjusted in order to gain up to 50% more water efficiency.

2. Further Bench-testing Every membrane is unique and should be put through a quality test to ensure proper performance. Water purity, production rates and ratios should be recorded for future service and maintenance reference.

3. Upgraded Connections Most ROs come with a bare bones saddle valve which typically leaks and limits water flow. ROs should be installed with a positive shut-off valve which makes maintenance easier and delivers higher pressure and, in turn, higher purity.

4. Equipping Your RO A large selection of high-purity designer faucets should be available to be installed on most any countertop – even granite! Have your RO water connected to where you want; fridge, bathroom sink, wet bar and cooler.

5. Maintenance Reminder Makes sure your RO is always working at peak performance by being informed when it’s time for maintenance.

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