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Crystal ChlorStop

$1,095 Installed
$25 /mo

Special Offer
Get a Chlorstop w/ Sediment Prefilter and Save $100

Filtered, chlorine-free water at every faucet
Bathe without swimming pool odour
Soft skin without itching
Protects laundry from premature fading
Protects softener, appliances and fixtures

What makes the Crystal ChlorStop Superior?
A full cubic foot of Calgon™ aspirated carbon coupled with a distibution media results in better water and longer carbon life.

Effectively Reduces Chloramines

Wastes No Water

Reliable, Non Electric

More Effective than Mixed Beds

Handles High Flow Rates

Capacity: 1 and 1.5 cu ft models

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Crystal IronStop

$1,995 Installed
$44 /mo

Special Offer

Chemical-Free Iron & Sulphur Filter
Stain-free sinks, bath tubs, showers & fixtures
Stain-free laundry that looks brighter and cleaner
Dishware and glasses that shine and smell clean
Crystal clear, odour free water
Washing machines, hot water tanks & dishwashers
won’t deteriorate due to iron & sulphur buildup

How it Works
Water is oxygenated by passing through a bubble of pressurized air. The iron and sulphur is then precipitated into a form that can be removed by the filtering media.

No chemicals

No air pump or contact tank

No restriction of water flow

No extra load on water pump

Space Saving

Capacity: .75 to 2 cu ft models

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