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5 Key Considerations

1. Accurate Water Analysis
It’s critical to test your water for hardness, iron and UV transmittance to ensure that a UV system will work effectively without pre-treatment.

2. Sizing
The size of a UV system must be matched to the flow rate of your pumping system to ensure the UV system will work effectively. Available space must be considered to determine if a unit will fit and have sufficient space to perform lamp replacement.

3. Installation
Attention to detail is critical to ensure safe water. If ‘Dead spots’ are found in the plumbing, they must be removed. It’s recommended that a complete sanitization be performed throughout every faucet and fixture. Sediment prefiltration should be installed with every system and carbon prefiltration offered when necessary.

4. Maintenance Reminder
Makes sure your UV system is always working at peak performance by being informed when it’s time for maintenance. Does your service provider offer a recycling program for your spent UV lamps?

5. Call-back Program
Does the company offer a free service to return after installation to re-test your water and ensure all was performed to your complete satisfication.

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