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Softer, Brighter Laundry
Clothes and towels are brighter and softer.
Laundry looks and feels softer.

Reduces Housework
Eliminates soap scum and scale reside on shower stalls, fixtures, tubs and sinks.
Glasses and dishware sparkle and are spot-free.

Softer Hair, Smoother Skin
Silky skim after showering, shaving and washing.
Hair is sifterm radiant and more manageable.

Protects Plumbing, Fixtures & Appliances
Water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines last longer.
Saves on costly service calls and repairs.
Water flow and pressure is improved with less buildup in pipes.

Protects the Environment
Reduces detergents and cleaning products by up to %50.
Reduce hot water energy use up to %29.
Reduce salt & water use up to 60% with a hi-efficiency softener.

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