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5 Key Considerations

1. Sizing Sizing a softener requires that your specific water hardness and water use is matched to the softener capacity while minimizing the amount of salt and water it uses to regenerate. To size a softener you need to know how hard your water is, your average water consumption and the rated capacity of the softener. Because this information isn’t always easily or readily available, a 30,000 grain capacity softener is often recommended for a household of 4 people. The downside of guessing at the size of softener needed is that it may not run at peak efficiency. We recommend getting a Quick Quote and we’ll help you get a price on the right size and model.

2. Efficiencies Salt and water efficiencies can differ considerably. A high efficiency softener can use up to 70% less salt and water during regeneration than a standard unit. That’s a savings of about $250 per year – 840lbs (19 bags) of salt and 8,400 gals. of water for a household of 4 people! Over its lifetime, a high efficiency softener will more than pay for itself.

3. Installation You don’t want surprises. Attention to detail is essential. Consider all the factors that influence installation and performance; Do you want softwater everywhere or do you want hard water outside and at the kitchen sink? Will the softener fit the space? Is there an electrical outlet within 4 feet? Is there proper drainage available?

4. Warranties Consider carefully between a manufacturer warranty and dealer warranty. A warranty is only as good as the company backing it. Warranties often differ for tanks, resin, electronics and labour. Do you have confidence in the company’s after-sale care? Do they offer a performance guarantee should a unit not perform to your satisfaction?

5. Price Water touches most everything in the home. Having better water is a good investment. It pays to have the best softener you can afford.

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