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UV Systems

UV Water Filters Kitchener Waterloo
  Viqua 1H512-D4
Viqua 1H512-D4
Viqua V200-F10
Viqua V200-F10
Inactivates harmful microorganisms
Such as E. Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia
Leaves no residual, produces no disinfection byproducts. Doesn’t affect taste.
Environmentally friendly UV lamps
Low Mercury Lamp Technology uses up to 70% less
Stable, energy-efficient power delivery
Maintains lamp intensity during power fluctuations
Safety alarm
Protection in case of lamp failure
LongLife™ lamp coating
Provides consistent UV output, longer life and increased lamp efficiency
Easy to maintain without tools
Automatic lamp replacement reminder
Advanced, space-saving design
Sediment Pre-Filter
Built in sediment and carbon filtration
All-in-one, easy to maintain system
Status indicator lights
Peace of mind that all components are working properly
Handy reference card