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Replacement Filters & UV Lamps

Replacement Filters

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Distillers
  • Under Sink Filters
  • Whole Home Filters
  • Fridge Filters
  • Bottle-Less Coolers

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Replacement UV Lamps & Sleeves

  • Viqua
  • Trojan
  • UVMax
  • R-Can
  • Sterilight
  • Commercial Systems
  • Aqua-Flo
  • Aqua Fine
  • Ideal Horizons
  • Wedeco
  • NSF Approved

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We Offer…

  • Large inventory of Filters & UV Lamps in stock
  • Do-It-Yourself or We can do it for you
  • Free Maintenance Reminder Service
  • Convenient store locations
  • Genuine UV parts, not knock-offs that void warranty

Environmentally Friendly UV Lamps
Our Low Mercury Technology UV Lamps contain less than 10 mg of mercury (up to 70% less mercury than the competition)

UV Lamp Recycling Program
Bring your old UV Lamps to one of our stores and help divert
mercury from our landfill sites.     www.lamprecycle.org