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At Crystal Clear Water Centres, we carry a complete selection of water softeners. From economy units to super high-efficiency, let us help you choose the right water softener for your needs and budget.

Hydrotech® Economy

Simple, reliable and economically priced.

$1,195 Installed or $20/mth

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Crystal High-Efficiency

Environmentally friendly at a great price.

Save up to $200 on Select Models

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Kinetico® Super High-Efficiency

Designed to work brilliantly.

Save up to $200 on Select Models

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Crystal Rentals

Worry free softener rental for about $1/day

Rent from $28/mth

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Choosing the Right Softener - 5 Key Considerations

We know what it's like trying to buy a product that you don't quite understand and there are so many choices - it can be kind of confusing. So, we decided to leverage our experience to help provide you with the information necessary to make a great decision.


The Soft Water Difference

A Water Softener from Crystal Clear makes everything involved with water better. Like showers, laundry, and of course your dishes. Soft water also protects your plumbing and appliances all while helping protect the environment.


Saltless Water Softening Alternative

The Crystal ScaleStop reduces scale and water spots on appliances, fixtures, glassware and shower doors. You will also enjoy chlorine-free water at every faucet. ScaleStop operates with no salt, no electricity, no waste water and no moving parts.


not sure which system is right for you? let us help!

Submit the form below for a free, no obligation, in-home service that takes only 20 minutes. We’ll ask a few questions, provide a quick plumbing evaluation and a water test. Based on the results, we’ll offer a softening and/or filtration system if needed.

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