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Choosing the right
Iron & Suphur Filter

5 Key Considerations

1. Accurate Water Analysis
It’s critical to test your water for iron (3 types), sulphur, manganese, hardness and pH to ensure the right type of iron and sulphur removal system is selected. Unfortunately, there is no one system that can handle all types of water conditions.

2. Sizing
The size of an iron and sulphur system must be matched to the flow rate of your pumping system. The flow rate must effectively remove and backwash the iron and sulphur out of the filter. If under or oversized, the iron filter will fail.

3. Installation
Attention to detail is critical to ensure an iron and sulphur filter will work effectively. Typically, the filter system must be installed and work together as an integral part of your entire water system including a softener, other filters, pump, pressure tank and hot water tank.

4. Maintenance
Many filter systems require the use of chemicals which are expensive and harmful to the environment. If possible, select a system that uses air rather than chemicals or salt.

5. Call-back Program
Does the company offer a free service to return after installation to re-test your water and ensure all was performed to your complete satisfication.