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Kinetico Softeners


Use up to 70% less Salt & Water


Imagine, saving 840 lbs of salt and 8300 gals of water every year...

  • Save your back! - 19 bags of salt you don't have to lug
  • Save the equivalent of a small swimming pool full of water
  • Save at least $200/year on salt and water
  Reliable, Non-Electric Operation
Eliminates the #1 cause of water softener failure; electric components. Kinetico softeners are very reliable with not costly computer boards, motors or timers to service.

Imagine, a User Friendly, Nothing to Set softener with no buttons to push, no clocks to set and no adjustments to make. Kinetico just provides worry-free soft water.

  Soft Water 24/7
Twin tank design allows one tank to provide soft water while the second one regenerates. Now if you require the bathroom or shower at night you will have soft water. Single tank softeners provide hard water throughout your house while in regeneration.
  Soft Water Rinse
Uses only soft, conditioned water to clean itself, which prolongs the life of the system. Another way Kinetico softeners are engineered to last. Single tank softeners regenerate using water containing hardness, iron and other fouling contaminants.
  Control Valve Operates in Soft Water
Working parts in a Kinetico valve operate in soft, conditioned water, eliminating repairs due to hardness and scale build up. It’s not uncommon to find a Kinetico control valve operating as good as new after 30 years.
  Zero Waste” Design
Uses 100% capacity of each tank before switching to the 2nd tank. Single tank softeners use only 66% capacity before signaling regeneration.
  Counter-Current Regeneration
Uses less salt and water and ensures optimum performance by cleaning in the opposite direction of normal flow.
  Adapts to Changing Needs
Works on actual water used and only regenerates after all capacity is used. Single tank softeners work on averages. They either regenerate too soon and waste capacity or regenerate too late and run out of soft water.
  Sealed Valve & Corrosion Resistant Tanks
The control valve and tank components are made from corrosion resistant materials ensuring a long, trouble-free life. Kinetico’s fibreglass tanks are more durable than competitive tanks. Structurally, they are stronger and will last longer.

Kinetico has many models to chose from based on your water hardness, space limitations and salt & water efficiency. Some models are designed for city water and others for well water containing a host of unwanted substances such as iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. We'll help you choose the right Kinetico softener for your needs.

Third Party Certified
Kinetico home water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised. Claims such as salt water efficiencies are verified and guaranteed to be accurate by independent lab tests performed by NSF.

10 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Kinetico softeners are backed by the most comprehensive 10 year warranty that covers all softener parts not just media and salt tanks.

Consumer Digest Best Buy

The Kinetico 2030, 2060 and 2100 are Consumers Digest Best Buys

The Best Buy seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest, Inc., used
under license.

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